6 Best Exotic Foods to Try During Your Vacation

It is not that all exotic foods taste good or make good for Instagram photos. No. it is because exotic dishes are cultural identities and by trying them, you’ll have the opportunity to taste different traditions, values, and lifestyles. Did you know that sampling exotic dishes also improves your mind, expands your culinary horizons, and maybe even gives you some ideas for dinner while you’re back home? Try the following dishes for an ultimate vacation experience;


Caviar should be the first thing you think about when you hear the term “exotic food”. Don’t try caviar anywhere. In some places, you might find wild-caught caviar that has mercury and other poisons. But this does not mean you should fear trying caviar. Get the very best of caviar that is farmed from sturgeon in the U.S.


Eating oyster from a restaurant is nice, but it is not as good as eating it when it has just come straight from the salty water. Eat it when it has just been plucked and shucked so that you’ll feel the sweet creaminess of and sharp saltiness of water from where it has come from.

French cuisine

When it comes to super-fine dining, it doesn’t really matter what your personal preferences dictate. French cuisine is one extremely influential exotic food that you’ll want to taste. You’ll find it in most restaurants in Paris. Visit the perennially elegant and unforgettable restaurants and wait for a taste that you couldn’t imagine. You won’t regret staying there for as long as you will.


Lobster is an exotic food if you taste it straight from the boat in Maine. Although it is now served in most restaurants worldwide, you’ll get an entirely different taste experience of the briny and sweet lobster in Maine. Forget the fancy preparations upscale restaurants and have steamed lobster adorned with a hint of melted butter. You’ll never order a fast food lobster ever again.

Mexican hot chocolate

It’s just like none other. Complex in nature, the Mexican hot chocolate is redolent with cinnamon and other spices, making it sweeter and better than other cocoa mixes. If it is offered to you, accept it with pleasure wait for the unique soul-warming experience that comes with it.

French/Italian Truffles

These are fruiting bodies of fungi that reside underground at the base of trees. They are exceptional foods that chefs can wait for as long as possible to get them delivered to them when it is their season. They never lose flavor even if they travel. However, you’ll feel a better taste when you eat them close to their home.

Don’t shy away from trying anything. Even if you think you might not like it, just try. You could be missing out on the chance to discover something new that you would absolutely love. The only exotic dish you should not try is any endangered species, for example, the shark, because it threatens the species and the environment. Why not use a car rental at 21 to move around during your vacation as you experience these amazing tastes?