More Beautiful U.S. Spring Vacation Destinations

Spring has always been the best time to go on vacation and explore the world’s most beautiful and popular destinations.

Before summer crowds start rolling in, travelers can have a great vacation during spring and experience awesome temperatures, limited tourists, cheaper airfares and affordable lodgings.

Thus, we have assembled the most beautiful vacation destinations in the US this spring. However, to make your spring vacation unique and memorable, you need to have a car to ease your movement. You don’t own a car? Don’t worry, under 21 car rental will cover you.

Below are the most beautiful vacations destinations in the US this spring:

• Washington, DC

Washington, D.C has all the reasons to top the list of best spring destinations in the United States.

During the spring, DC has awesome temperatures. Springtime, you will be able to have a glimpse of more than 3,000 cherry blossom trees which accentuate the city’s beautiful monuments. The city also has many museums you can enjoy to visit.

There is an endless list of things you can do in Washington, DC in spring. Visit the city and you’ll thank me later.

• Oregon Coast

Regardless of the season, Oregon Coast has some of the beautiful sceneries you can get in the United States.

Giants rocks formations thumped by waves, tide pools brimming and lovely lighthouses, dense forests, close up sanctuary and the rest are among the beautiful scenes.

In Springtime, there is magical migration of gray whales from Baja California to the Arctic making it a great time to visit and witness this spectacle nature.

• New York City

New York City will treat you with mild temperatures, soft and silvery lights in Spring. I New York, you will enjoy strolling through Central Park or walking through Central Park Conservancy.

During spring there are many festivals which take place there including Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, New York Botanic garden Orchid Show among others.

• Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country will give you an opportunity to enjoy beautiful nature scenes like a wildflower, rolling landscapes among others.

The region has famous bluebonnets covering hills in spring but has some dazzling coat comprising varieties of colors like yellow, orange, red, violet and the rest.

So it’s worth visiting the place in spring to enjoy watching these beautiful scenes.


The destinations discussed above are worth visiting in your spring vacations. There are beautiful scenes to enjoy all the time around.

However, your spring vacation will never be awesome if you will be using public transport to facilitate movement. Thus, to make it memorable, get services from under 21 car rental and you will thank me later.