Six Luxury Hotels In San Francisco

San Francisco is a wonderful city that visits using luxury car rental at any time of the year. More fun than New York, more realistic than Los Angeles and more historical than Las Vegas, they have the right amount of history and personality to make it a great destination for a short break. There are many luxury hotels in San Francisco to choose from, but for those looking for an extra special break at a luxury hotel with a good location, choose between the hotels in San Francisco.

6 Exotic luxury hotels in San Fransico

1. The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton is a true model of the growing magic of this glamorous city. The Ritz-Carlton is located in the heart of the city and offers some incredible temptations to guests. The luxurious hotel has 336 rooms and suites and offers a variety of amenities and facilities in these rooms for guests to enjoy a fun and relaxing time. A five-star dinner is another reason why the Ritz-Carlton is popular among those planning a luxury vacation in San Francisco. The Ritz-Carlton is close to tourist attractions such as Chinatown, Union Square, and cable cars.

2. Mandarin Oriental

Luxury and luxury have another condo in San Francisco, and this is Mandarin Oriental. This charming hotel is located above the city center, allowing guests to enjoy breathtaking views of the capital’s monuments, from the Golden Gate Bridge to the San Francisco Bay. The property is full of alternatives when it comes to accommodation styles, which allows guests of all places to find a perfect temporary residence. Major renovations and improvements in the Mandarin Oriental are scheduled for May 2012.

3. Four Seasons

The lush gardens and local vineyards are a collection of impressive contemporary art: Four Seasons is like the attractions themselves! The Four Seasons is popular with businesses and tourists and offers a wide range of accommodation options for its guests. Located on Market Street, this hotel is an ideal choice for tourists who enjoy the best things in life and enjoy guests with a wide range of services and amenities. The vibrant decor of the Four Seasons is another feathered roof already occupied!

4. Place Campton

Campton Place impresses everyone with its delicious offers of services and world-class facilities. This luxurious boutique hotel is famous for its refined and warm atmosphere for business and leisure travelers. However, they are the patio of the kitchen where this charming property transforms its Mesmeric charm. The restaurant, bistro, and bar Campton Place is a kind of legend of San Francisco with folklore dedicated to him. Travelers should experience the delicious offers of delicious French and Mediterranean dishes served at this wonderful restaurant.

5. Le Meridien in San Francisco

Le Meridien is a luxury hotel in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district. This modern 24-story hotel is one of the best options for guests who spend their luxury vacations in San Francisco. The hotel is connected by an elevated corridor to the center of Embarcadero and is also close to the cable cars and the promenade. Guests of this hotel can take advantage of facilities such as a gym, a business center, and a gourmet restaurant. The contemporary decoration decorates the interiors of the rooms of this hotel.

6. Campton Place

This luxurious hotel is in an excellent location near the excellent shopping area of Union Square, a short walk from Fisherman’s Wharf. Campton Place is located in 2 historic buildings, which gives it an exclusive hotel atmosphere. The impressive cable car museum is nearby, and visitors can see the huge wheels that drag the cables through the streets of the city.

Making a good hotel choice among many luxury hotels in San Francisco can make your trip a memorable one when you use luxury car rental.